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Selling Terms & Conditions

The selling terms and conditions define our relationship with our Vendors and us and all rights that we and Vendors have throughout the live of our relationship and are enforceable under business laws and guidelines of England.

Any Vendor who plans to sell branded product(s) MUST how evidence of selling or re-seller agreement with original product manufacturer or distributor. No Vendor shall be approved to sell branded products without meeting this condition. 

Zentixs has and continuously has rights  to accept, reject or disqualifies or remove any existing Vendor whose conduct(s) may impart negatively on Zentixs name, brand and or that may cause a breach of English law. Where existing Vendor is removed, details of the reasons may be communicated to the affected Vendor(s) either in full or partially (where the law permits).

Each Vendor shall comply fully with rules and regulations (which may change in accordance of regulations of British laws, guidelines and conditions of doing business in the U.K) of business transactions on Zentixs.

However, where Vendor is not residing within the jurisdictions of United Kingdom, such Vendor is expected to comply with their local laws, British law and the selling terms and conditions .

Vendor shall list their products and with full descriptions regarding features, characteristics, conditions of the product (whether new or pre-owned). Vendor shall not list product with conflicting and misleading information to the buyers. Where such occurs, the Vendor’s account and any payment due to the Vendor shall be suspended until such Vendor resolves all issues that may arise from selling of such product(s).

Vendor shall not sell the same product listed for sale on Zentixs on another selling channel with a lower price. Where this term is breach, the Vendor account shall be suspended. In extreme cases where vendor continually breaches this condition, the Vendor may be permanently removed form Zentixs while all outstanding payment due to such Vendor shall be remitted within 7 days of disqualification vis-a-vis affected vendor. Where the Vendor refuses to remit outstanding payment due to Zentixs, Zentixs will take reasonable steps including legal means to recover such remittance including direct and incidental costs of recovering all outstanding due to Zentixs.

All sellers on Zentixs are responsible for complying with all applicable tax laws. Any seller (Vendor) selling to buyers outside the United Kingdom, should inform their buyers about the potential import charges the buyers may need to pay when they receive their item(s).

Sellers on Zentixs are not responsible for payment of import duties and taxes as they may not be aware of applicable rates in each country. It is therefore, the responsibilities of the buyers to pay import duties and taxes when they receive their order(s). Sellers should communicate this responsibilities to their respective buyers.

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