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  • GPS Laser Band Car Speed Detector




    1. 30,000.00 Pieces Data Base in Russian,Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Latvia , Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Belarus.Updated the data base in every 1-3 months.
    2. Built in the fourth generation radar,X.K.CT(Strelka).La(Laser)frequency early warning detection, radar detection signal covers 360 degree at straight ahead, device volume is only half as before;
    3. Built in Ublox orientation module, with AGPS function, to realize fast orientation; cold start takes 30s -1min or so, hot starts takes not more than 10S.
    4. Big screen with LED digital tube display.
    5. Broadcast speed limited and distance of warning point when speeding. Remind driving safety for fatigue driving or dangerous section.
    6. The hidden design is the newest method of installing radar detectors.
    7. Fixed & Flow Velocity,and Interval Velocity.
    8. 3.5 meters car charger cable, the wiring is more convenient

    GPS Laser Band Car Speed Detector


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