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Affiliate That Wants You To Succeed

Generally speaking, affiliate marketing has become one of the most effective ways for individuals who are constantly engaging on online marketing activities. It also provides great opportunities for content writers, publishers and bloggers to earn money for their writings by monetising their blogs and earn passive income.

These individuals are entrance to high converting audiences that could be directed to online shopping platform for purchases while these publishers, writers and bloggers earn a percentage for each successful purchase initiated by their writings thereby providing a win-win situation for the writers and shop owners.

At Zentixs, we pride ourselves by the quality and opportunities provided by our affiliate program to our affiliates by means of our attractive commission structure.

Zentixs affiliate starts at Basic level which represent entry into our successful partnership between us and an affiliate.

The next level is Growing Level which imposes higher responsibilities on and better commission than basic level for our affiliates in this category. Entrance into this level is by a way of promotion base on sales level per month. An affiliate in this category is expected to maintain the requirements for staying in this level on monthly basis otherwise, any affiliate in this level who fails to meet up with the requirements of this level shall be automatically downgraded to Basic level

The third and highest level is our Premium level which has the best commission and highest responsibilities.

Whichever niche an affiliate wants to operate, our commission is the same across all our products and an affiliate is allowed to mix and match products and niches. We are also able to customise banner(s) to suite each affiliate needs at the request of an affiliate.

For details of our commission structure and terms of service, please click here

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